23 mai 2007

An unknon building in Berlin

Lors de mon dernier séjours à Berlin. Je n'ai pas eu le temps de dessiner ce batiment. J'en ai pris une photo et je l'ai dessiné plus tard.
C'est sans aucun doute plus amusant de le dessiner sur place, mais comment faire quand on est accompagné d'autres personnes?

When I was in Berlin, I did not have the time to draw this building. I took a photo and I have drawn it later. Without any doubt, it is funnier to draw it directly, but how can you do it when you are visiting with other persons?

17 mai 2007

7 things about myself....

I've been tagged by Marie-dom. I have tell 7 things about myself, unusual, or a habit or things that people don't know.
  1. My favorite dish is ox thong; 'langue de boeuf sauce madère' in french. I really love it. Do you eat this in the U.S. or in other countries?
  2. I am a champion of stone skipping. I trained a lot when I was a child and now I teach it to my children.
  3. I stopped drinking sodas on new years eve two year ago. Since then, I never drinked any lemonade or cola. At first, it was for health reasons, but since then I never missed them and they do not taste me anymore.
  4. I always wear a pen in my pocket, in case I find a few free minutes and a piece of paper to draw.
  5. I like to walk or run in the nature in the evening, between the day and the night, when everything is so quiet: no wind, no animal cry. A glimpse of paradise.
  6. I have a heart of craftsman. I like to make things myself. I worked a lot in our old house and our garden. I even made wooden cupboards.
  7. When I was young, I was scout chief during 7 years. I really liked it. 15 years later, I enjoy animating the birthdays of my children, with their friends. I even animate birthdays of other children, just for my pleasure.

10 mai 2007

Souvenirs de Bretagne

Comme l'année passée et l'année précédente, nous sommes partis en Bretagne pour les vacances de Pâques. Au même endroit. C'est pourquoi en regardant le croquis suivant vous aurez peut-être une impression de Déjà-vu!

Like last year and the year previous, we went to Brittany for our Easter holidays. At the same place. This is why by looking at the following sketch you will perhaps have an impression of Déjà-Vu!

Ste Barbe: la chapelle

Le choix de ma perspective dépend surtout du confort du siège que je peux utiliser. Pour le dessin précédent, j'étais assis sur un banc et le dessin suivant est une vue de la terrasse, ensoleillée et à l'abris du vent.

The choice of my prospect depends especially on the comfort of the seat I can use. For the previous drawing, I sat on a bench and the following drawing is a sight of the terrace, sunny and protected from the wind.

SteBarbe: vue de la terrasse

French Wine

Et bien sûr pas de bonnes vacances en France sans bouteille de vin. français, bien sûr!

And, of course, no good holidays in France without a bottle of wine...french wine, of course!