Challenge #41: Plan incliné de Ronquières

Pas de doute, l'édifice le plus connu de notre village est le plan incliné de Ronquières: une espèce d'ascenseur à péniche sur le canal. Les péniches sont mises dans d'énormes bacs, puis ces bacs montent (ou descendent) pour rejoindre une section du canal située plus haut (ou plus bas). Le plan incliné est connu dans tout notre (petit) pays: la Belgique.

Je voulais dessiner le plan incliné d'après nature; j'ai donc attendu le week-end pour pouvoir y aller en journée. Malheureusement, tout le week-end, la région était envahie de brouillard. J'ai donc dessiné d'après une photo, ce qui est nettement moins gai!

No doubt, the most known building of our village is the "inclined plane" of Ronquières: some kind of horizontal elevator for barges on the channel. Ships are placed in big boxes with water which are pulled upwards on an inclined surface. The inclined plane is known in all our (small) country: Belgium.

I wanted to draw directly the inclined plane; therefore I waited the weekend to be able to draw during the day. Unfortunately, all the weekend, the area was invaded by fog. I drew from a photograph, which is definitely less funny!


SideShowMom a dit…
Laurent, this is a nicely done illustration! I very much like the line and shading you used. I would like also to visit Belgium and it's rich sights and wonderful people! I know of several mail artists as well as you in Belgium.
Teri a dit…
Wonderful sketch! It was a great choice for this challenge.
Felicity Grace a dit…
I couldn't believe it, maybe I read it wrong but funny! (Your profile photo is great, has anyone told you?!)
Anonyme a dit…
Aaah - "het hellend vlak van Ronquières"! Kudos on the drawing from a fellow Belgian :-)