Pompe - Version à l'aquarelle - Waterlocolor version

Aquarelle - Watercolor 42x30cm
Voici une aquarelle inspirée d'une photo qui m'avait déjà servi pour une peinture à l'acrylique. C'est amusant de voir comme la technique influence le traitement du sujet. J'ai pris cette photo dans le parc de La Hulpe, tout près de la fondation Folon. Ceux qui connaissent l'endroit seront un peu surpris, mais en cherchant un peu, ils trouveront aussi cette vieille pompe.

This is a watercolor inspired from a photograph, that I already used for an acrylic painting. It is funny to see how the painting medium influences the treatment of the subject.


Anonyme a dit…
I enjoy seeing your work.

I would like to see a subject where foreshortening is a challenge. Such as a person lying down, viewed from the head or foot. Or, an arm coming straight toward you.
Laurent Peters a dit…
Indeed, foreshortening is not easy!

You can take a look at the drawing of Quentin reading as an example:

But most of the subjects have a part of foreshortening. Look at the watercolor of the hands: the drawing of some parts of the finger has to take into account the foreshortening:

When looking at a subject, I imagine I am looking at a picture and I try to reproduce the same shape as on this imaginary picture.