Challenge 66: une bouche d'incendie (Fire hydrant)

Une bouche d'incendie: il me semblait que cela ne devait pas ce trouver dans mon pays! Pourtant, j'ai été bien surpris cette semaine.

En attendant que les pneus de ma voiture soient changés, je m'installe sur un banc au soleil, en face du garage, et -quelle surprise- je vois une bouche d'incendie juste en face de moi, cachée dans les buissons. Heureusement que j'avais mon petit Moleskine avec moi.

A fire hydrant: it thought that I would not find any in my country! However, I was quite surprised this week.

While waiting for the tires of my car to be changed, I sit on a bench in the sun, near the garage, and - what a surprise - I see a fire hydrant just in front of me, hidden in the bushes. Fortunately, I had my small Moleskine with me.


seesue a dit…
Laurent, terrific, as always. If not for the challange perhaps that fire hydrant would not have registered, how interesting.
Sue Seibert a dit…
Wonderful, Laurent! BTW, why did you think you would not find one? What is used there to put water on fires?
Marilyn a dit…
Very interesting - we get to see more than just the fire hydrant. Lots of great details.
Shelly McC a dit…
Wonderful drawing!