Barcelona: hotel room

Last week I was in Barcelona again, but for work this time. I could only find the time to draw in my hotel room, late in the evening. I used my new Pentel Aquash water brush. It was very difficult to find a water brush, but I finally bought it on Internet, at Artifolk, in United Kingdom. If you need some special art supplies (in Europe), I recommend it.


Alison a dit…
I love the lighting and sense of quiet in this one
Anonyme a dit…
Thanks for the tip, Laurent. This was just the thing I was looking for!
Anonyme a dit…
Quel talent!
Laurent, pourrais-tu me donner le nom de ton hotel à Barcelone,stp, il me semble y etre déjà allée...ce serait une coincidence rigolotte! Merci. Et continue!
Laurent Peters a dit…
Il s'agit de l'hôtel NH Máster. Mais, malheureusement, trop de chambre d'hôtel se ressemble!
J'espère que tu as aprécié ton séjour à Barcelone. Moi, j'ai adoré.