02 avril 2006

Challenge 60: dessiner une voiture

Je suis certain d'une chose: je préfère dessiner la voiture que la conduire.

Without any doubt, I prefer to draw my car than drive it.

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Carol Bonomo a dit…

Without any doubt, your drawing is far more enjoyable as well! I am a regular to your site, but this prompted me to let you know - great job!

starr a dit…

I very much enjoyed the drawing of your car and I can identify with your statement that you would rather draw it than drive it!

Please continue drawing - you are a natural!

I'd like to link to your site if I may - it is quite enjoyable!

Alanna a dit…

Ah oui, c'est tres belle. Pour moi, aussi, je pense que c'est difficile a dessiner une voiture (et aussi pour ecrire en francais.)

I felt the need to comment in french! Anyway, I think it looks great.
good work. I've been avoiding this challenge, but maybe I'll get around to it eventually!

Teri C a dit…

Great pencil work to make the car look so great..

Anonyme a dit…

Your drawing is wonderful.. I hope I can do as well in drawing my own car.

Robyn a dit…

What a wonderful drawing of your car, Laurent.

Scratches & Scribbles

AnastasiaC a dit…

Looks great!! almost like a fuzzy photo - very nice!

Felicity a dit…

Great drawing! It's a French car too isn't it?

Laurent Peters a dit…

Felicity, you are an expert in cars! It is indeed a french car.

Sioux a dit…

You car is wonderful. So much movement.

Rrramone a dit…

Laurent, thanks for your comment. We all have different styles, no? Vive la difference! Have a great day!

The Tart a dit…

U draw very well.

The Tart

Anonyme a dit…

J'aimerai bien fair autant!


ynhib a dit…

Très beau dessin, très bonne technique
en un mot WOUAA

Je dessine aussi un peu Vous pouvez voir mes dessins sur mon blog http://ynhib.free.fr/blog/index.php

et récement je me suis filmer entrain de dessiner une voiture