14 février 2006

Challenge #53: une bouche

Aquarelle 13x15cm sur papier Canson Montval

D'après une photo d'une jolie inconnue.

According to a photograph of a pretty stranger.

6 commentaires:

Teri C a dit…

Wow, these are great! I always enjoy your work.

Karen a dit…

Beautiful Laurent. Let me tell you what I like ... I like the way you've reserved white for the glints on the lips. I like the soft way you've used glazing to model the shape of the bottom of the nose, and I like how you've used just enough dark accents to create the feeling of depth. This is very skillfully done and thanks for sharing it. Keep up the good work.

Terri a dit…

This is a wonderful mouth Laurent! It has just a hint of a smile. I really like it!

hfm a dit…

Very good!


evy a dit…

Very beautiful!

Linda a dit…

Laurent -- this is really wonderful! I'll echo all that Karen has already said!