08 janvier 2006

Challenge #48: New year's résolution

(ink and brush pens, background was colored with photoshop)

Vu le succès de mes bonnes résolutions de 2005, j'ai pris plein de bonnes résolutions pour 2006. Est-ce que vous devinez quelle bonne résolution représente ce dessin (de mes chaussures de jogging)? Pour l'instant, il fait froid et noir le soir. Ce sera difficile de s'y tenir en ce début d'année, alors qu'il y a plein d'autres choses intéressantes à faire, comme dessiner, par exemple.

Considering the success of my resolutions for 2005, I took a lot of resolutions for 2006. Do you guess which resolution represents this drawing (my shoes of jogging)? For the moment, evenings are cold and black. It is difficult to follow it in this beginning of year, whereas there are full of other interesting things to do, like drawing, for example.

4 commentaires:

Lin a dit…

NICELY DONE! And I can't agree more -- I'd rather sketch these days than GARDEN -- and I TEACH HORTICULTURE! LOL

Lindsay a dit…

It takes a brave soul to jog in the winter time! If you run as well as you draw, I'd love to see that!

Kathleen Marie a dit…

Great sketch, and also a reminder for me to get back into my walking routine. It's cold today in Florida and I'm dealing with a head cold, but hopefully the weather will change and I can begin to make the effort to be more physical in the next few days. I always feel so much better when I get moving.

hfm a dit…

Um très beau dessin! Ici à Lisbonne j'arrive à faire tous les jours au moins une heure de footing.