10 septembre 2007

Laurent dessine et s'amuse toujours!

Après quelques mois d'inactivité pendant les vacances, ce blog reprend enfin vie. Certains d'entre vous se sont déjà inquiétés. Rassurez-vous, tout va bien et j'ai continué à m'amuser et à dessiner.

After a few month of inactivity, during the holidays, this blog is alive again. Some of you already got worried. Don't worry, I'm fine and I continued having a good time and drawing.


5 commentaires:

laserone a dit…

I love this. I really like the colors used. :)

Anita a dit…

Nice fresh colours...Welcome back!

Laurent Peters a dit…

For the colors, I used colored ink that I just had received. I have drawn these ink bottles together with the Rotring rapidographs I received the same day.

I also like the colors and I should use them more, even if I only have a limited number of colors.

Anonyme a dit…

Rebienvenue ! C'est rassurant de vous relire.

E-J a dit…

Such a simple drawing, and I love it - especially the colourful, splodgy shadows (comment dirait-on "splodgy" en français? Je n'ai aucune idée!)