17 mai 2007

7 things about myself....

I've been tagged by Marie-dom. I have tell 7 things about myself, unusual, or a habit or things that people don't know.
  1. My favorite dish is ox thong; 'langue de boeuf sauce madère' in french. I really love it. Do you eat this in the U.S. or in other countries?
  2. I am a champion of stone skipping. I trained a lot when I was a child and now I teach it to my children.
  3. I stopped drinking sodas on new years eve two year ago. Since then, I never drinked any lemonade or cola. At first, it was for health reasons, but since then I never missed them and they do not taste me anymore.
  4. I always wear a pen in my pocket, in case I find a few free minutes and a piece of paper to draw.
  5. I like to walk or run in the nature in the evening, between the day and the night, when everything is so quiet: no wind, no animal cry. A glimpse of paradise.
  6. I have a heart of craftsman. I like to make things myself. I worked a lot in our old house and our garden. I even made wooden cupboards.
  7. When I was young, I was scout chief during 7 years. I really liked it. 15 years later, I enjoy animating the birthdays of my children, with their friends. I even animate birthdays of other children, just for my pleasure.

7 commentaires:

juj a dit…

What a beautiful sketch - it reminds me of the one Danny did for the EDM group page. I love that you are a champion of skipping rocks (as we would say in the US). It's a terribly under-rated sport.

brian nelson a dit…

Great painting!

Marie-Dom a dit…

Lovely painting. So very atmospheric, et en plus je suis ravie que t'as pu participer au jeu du 'tagging'! Quelqu'un qui veut animer les fetes des petits, n'importe quel petit, c'est vraiment kool.

Serge W a dit…

I believe I know Laurent well even though I'm not an intimate.

I knew only #5, #6, and #7. I didn't even know about his passion and talent for drawing until I found his blog, despite of the 3 years we spent sitting in front of each other at work.

Stone skipping! Has no idea bu somehow I'm not surprised. There's something in the guy that says "What's more important in life than stone skipping (with my kids)?".

Africantapestry a dit…

Me too, I love stone skipping..I grew up knowing it as "hop-scotch"! I was very good...always won!
I love your watercolor sketch...lovely free and loose. I'm looking forward to sssoing more of your work.

E-J a dit…

Cette aquarelle est très belle. Je n'arrive toujours pas à faire des ricochets - est-ce parce que je suis une femme??

Patrice a dit…

langue de boeuf sauce madère, hmmmm del.icio.us