26 mars 2006

Challenge 59: signe du printemps

Même si la météo n'indique pas toujours le printemps; il y a un signe qui ne trompe pas. Le passage à l'heure d'été. Voici toutes les montres que je dois mettre à l'heure aujourd'hui.

Even if the weather does not always show the signs of spring; there is a clue that indicates that spring is there. The change to the summer-time. Here all the watches I must update today.

7 commentaires:

Robyn a dit…

Merçi, Laurent for the reminder :-) We have to do the reverse here in Australia next weekend.

Sydney, Australia
Scratches & Scribbles

Bonny a dit…

Here in North America we change the time April 2, we go one hour ahead.

Really nice drawing of all your clocks and watches Laurent!

Mariellen R a dit…

Excellent! Liked the pictures very much and liked the humourous angle to getting to them. Merci bien Laurent.

Never figured out why USA/North America (and now I discover, Australia) go forward/back on DIFFERNT weeks (1 week apart) and yet in the autumn..go back in the northern hemisphere at least, at the same time??

Seems a bit whacky to me? What do you think?

Sioux a dit…

Great time pieces!

The Tart a dit…

Oh dear, so much TIME!!!!!

Time to spring up.

The Tart

"Maggie" a dit…

The clocks and luggage are both great groups of illustrations. I especially like when you add the bit of color. Well done!

andrea joseph's sketchblog a dit…

Oh this is great. This kind of 'collection' drawing really sparks my imagination. Excellent.