07 novembre 2005

Links that changed my life

The 20 May 2004, I read a blog entry of Ned Batchelder, that linked to Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters blog and his Everyday Matters book. This was a revelation and I started to draw.

Danny Gregory made me discover Dan Price's How to make a journal of you life book. And I started my own journal.

In the Yahoo Everyday Matters discussion group, I met very interesting artists, discussions and weekly challenges, that help me to improve my drawings and to start my own illustrated blog.

Danny made me also discover Trevor Romain, who shows me more directions for my life.

More than one year later, my life has changed a lot. Before that I have never followed any art classes, I stopped to draw when I was young, but, now, my relations consider me has an artist, I go to a drawing workshop every week and art if a part of my life.

All these changes thanks to an article of 7 lines in a blog....

Therefore, I added also some links to those sites and to a lot more in the side bar of the main page of this blog. I hope you will enjoy these links.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

J'ai toujours eu le goût de dessiner mais je me trouvais nulle. À 53 ans, je n'ai encore rien réalisé de valable..pourquoi attendre?? Attendre d'être bonne pour m'amuser??? Tes dessins que je trouve vraiment superbes m'ont donné le désir de m'aventurer à l'intérieur de ma propre personne et de voir ce qui s'y cache. Je vais donc dessiner dorénavant et tant mieux si quelqu'un a le courage de feuilleter mes cahiers. Merci !

Anonyme a dit…

I enjoyed your journal entries and especially what books inspired you the most. I'm new to EDM and never kept a journal (I'm 71 years old). Finished Kate Johnson's drawing and sketching on-line class and recently bought a journal to start. Guess I should get Danny's book first and read it.