19 septembre 2005

Challenge #32: quelque chose de métallique

Cette cloche accueille les visiteurs qui passent directement par le jardin pour rentrer dans la maison. Les visiteurs sont nombreux, mais la cloche est rarement utilisée!

Je l'ai dessinée avec ma nouvelle boîte de pastels tendres extra-fins Rembrandt. Je découvre les pastels et je me suis bien amusé à mettre de la couleur, en rajouter, mélanger le tout avec les doigts et terminer par une touche de blanc. C'est une approche toute différente de la peinture que l'aquarelle ; elle est pardonne beaucoup plus les petites erreurs. Par contre, je regrette le manque de détails que permet le dessin au pinceau ou à l?encre.

This bell welcomes the visitors who pass directly through the garden to come into the house. The visitors are numerous, but the bell is seldom used!

I drew it with my new box of extra fine soft pastels
Rembrandt. I discover this new medium and I had fun to put colors, add colors, mix the whole with the fingers and finish by a little bit white. It is an very different approach than watercolor; it forgives much more the small errors. On the other hand, I regret the lack of details allowed by the drawings with the brush or with ink.

5 commentaires:

evy a dit…

I think you have done very well and that the sketch actually has enough details! I had that problem too when I use pastel (sticks) in combination with small sketchbooks. But I am thinking of buying a set of pastel (color) pencils. I heard that they are better for details.

clare a dit…

This is a beautiful drawing. I think your'e very talented.

Linda a dit…

This is a wonderful drawing and a great subject for pastel! Evy's right -- the pastel pencils are good for fine lines, but hard to do over the very soft Rembrandt pastel. It is all fun to play with, though! Looking forward to seeing what else you do with pastel!

Nelly a dit…

This pastel "painting" is beautiful. I love working with soft pastels (mostly Sennelier)...and for finer detail I use pastel pencils, or....you can move pigment around with a tiny brush. I have a couple of rubber tipped brushes. The problem I have with soft pastels is with the dust. I have been known to cast a red, blue, green whatever hue, to the couch, carpet, myself and my cat. An aircleaner would be good!

PS..I can actually read a lot of the French. It just seems so much more eloquent to describe art using the French language.

pedalpower a dit…

This is nice! I think using the pastels is a neat way to avoid getting caught up in the details...sometimes I get so obsessed with them that I find myself trying to draw every brick or leaf. Very frustrating.