06 juillet 2005

Challenge #22

Challenge de la semaine: dessiner un vêtement.
Pas facile comme sujet.
Est-ce que vous avez reconnu? Voici un indice: elle n'a pas servi depuis 13 ans (ou presque).

4 commentaires:

Shelly McC a dit…

This is lovely, I love the way you've done the colouring. Great work on this challenge.

Malinda a dit…

What a lovely wedding dress Laurent, you must have a beautiful bride! My husband and I have been together 12 years, almost as long! Lovely work!

Linda a dit…

Laurent, this IS lovely! I like your use of color in the folds.

kuriyama a dit…

I like it.
It is drawn indifferently.
I image time from it.
Drawn time and time that this clothes were put on.

(from EDM links)